Gladys Bikes Moves Entirely By Bike

Last week I was blown away by the supportive and expansive Portland bike community. Gladys Bikes, a woman focused bike shop (named after Susan B. Anthony's bike no less!), moved locations from N. Mississippi Ave to NE Alberta St. That's not so special. What is special is that they moved every item in the shop via bike. Leah, the owner of Gladys Bikes put out the call to the Portland bike community to help and they delivered! About 100 people -many of whom were families with small children, showed up. Their bikes were as varied as they were: tall bikes, small bikes, cargo bikes, recumbent bikes, tricycles, skateboards -you name it, someone had that kind of bike. Everyone was in great spirits, and much to Leah's surprise, the whole move only took about 90 minutes. The sense of community was palpable, and I was touched by the out pouring of love an support Gladys Bikes received. I felt very lucky to be a part of it. Check out the photos below! The first shot is of my custom bike built by Gladys Bikes loaded up with all my gear. IMG_7328 copyIMG_7047IMG_7200IMG_7278IMG_7164 copyIMG_7225IMG_7268IMG_7186IMG_7350IMG_7378IMG_7359IMG_7403IMG_7446IMG_7437IMG_7527IMG_7559IMG_7566IMG_7587IMG_7687

More Interior Design

Recently I was fortunate enough to work with Bolt Textiles again. Their style is so unique! I had a great time traveling to their clients' homes in Portland and getting to know them. Check out a few of my favs! IMG_7875IMG_7842IMG_8060IMG_8010IMG_8094 v2IMG_8089IMG_7926

Interior Design with Bolt Textiles

This weekend I was lucky enough to shoot for a new client of mine; Bolt Textiles. Bolt consists of two interior /fabric designers, and they were so passionate about what they do. They brought a lot of energy to the shoot and I had a great time shooting objects for a change! Here are a few of my favorite shots: IMG_6899IMG_6860IMG_6821IMG_6831

Life Style with Gladys Bikes

I am thrilled to be working with Portland's newest woman focused bike shop; Gladys Bikes. They sell ready to go bikes off the rack as well as completely custom bikes -even down to the color! This woman-owned and operated shop has full mechanical services too! I'm completely in love with this company. This week we shot the first in a series of shoots meant to promote their custom shop. My favorite part of this series is that we are using actual owners of the custom bikes as our models. I believe this really speaks to the owner's commitment to serving and empowering her customers. Enjoy! IMG_6146 wmIMG_6191 wmIMG_6263 wmIMG_6309 wmIMG_6415 wmIMG_6465 wm

Early Morning Mt. Hood Shoot with Ecdysiast

My favorite dance studio and company in Portland, Ecdysiast Studio, hired me again to shoot the promotional materials for their upcoming show "Elemente." The inspiration for this show is nature, so we decided to go out into the Mt. Hood National Forest for this intense shoot. The original plan was to do the shoot at Trillium Lake at sunrise with Mt. Hood in the background, but because of the unusual snowfall this year, the road to Trillium was closed. Not to let a 4:00 AM start time go to waste, we improvised and found a great location. We set up the pole, and all the dancers were ready in full makeup and costumes by sunrise. The shoot was freezing and I couldn't feel my hands by the end of it, but we got some breathtaking shots. I am continually impressed by how tough and hardworking these dancers are. Be sure to check out their show in May! IMG_8342












Graphic Design for Ecdysiast Studio

After the amazing shoot we has in September, Ecdysiast Studio hired me to do all of the graphic design for their show branding. They titled their show "Calculated Frequency" and runs for a weekend in November at The Alberta Rose Theatre. Here is the ad for The Mercury, the ad for The Alberta Rose Theatre, and the programs for the show. Calculated Frequency Mercury

Calculated Frequency Square v3

11.15.13 Calculated Frequency Front Side 2

11.15.13 Calculated Frequency Back Side

Chinese Medicine with Susanna Low-Beer

In September I had the opportunity to photograph the wonders of Chinese medicine with Susanna Low-Beer of Vital Energy Acupuncture in NE Portland. Sussanna is a L.Ac. practitioner with a deep passion for the art and philosophy of Chinese Medicine. This she brings into the treatment room, where she finds full expression working with patients to achieve balance and health. Her room is full of beautiful natural light and is also covered with plants to achieve a relaxing and warm environment. It was a pleasure to photograph for Susanna. Check out some of my favorite photos from the shoot. IMG_4475






Urban Decay with Ecdysiast Studio

September was a busy month! I got a second opportunity to photograph the mind-blowingly talented women of Ecdysiast Studio, this time to shoot promotional materials for their show in November. We decided on this falling down abandoned warehouse near their inner SE studio as the location and it delivered! After sneaking in through a hole in a chain link fence, the women of Ecdysiast turned the building into their playground. Magic hour quickly turned to dusk, which pushed my camera to its ISO limit, but I think we got some amazing photos. Check out my favs: 1 IMG_5874

2 IMG_4996-v2

3 IMG_5110

4 IMG_5178

5 IMG_5386

6 IMG_5862

7 IMG_5601-v2

8 IMG_5335

9 IMG_5835

10 IMG_5662

11 IMG_5207

12 IMG_5505 v2

13 IMG_5985

Ecdysiast Studio Shoot

This August I had the amazing opportunity to photograph the badass instructors of Ecdysiast Studio in their inner SE Portland pole dance studio. I was completely blown away by their strength, flexibility, stage presence, and beauty. Here are some of my favorite shots from that fantastic shoot: 11 IMG_4172

10 IMG_3410

9 IMG_4053

8 IMG_4001

7 IMG_3951

6-2 IMG_3842

6 IMG_3827

5 IMG_3624

4 IMG_3595

3 IMG_3421

2 IMG_3394

1 IMG_3169


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