Surprise Christmas Proposal!

When Colin contacted me about photographing his proposal to his girlfriend Samantha I could't be more excited. We hatched a plan and executed it beautifully. The location was a christmas tree farm in Sandy, OR. It rarely snows much in that part of Oregon, but we were lucky as the farm had been turned into a winter wonderland the day before. Colin sent me directions to the spot where he would propose and I staked it out, pretending to look for the perfect tree, with my camera hidden under my scarf. Samantha's mother and brother were there too, but they had no idea what was going on either. When Colin dropped to one knee I sprung to action and started snapping away. I'm in love with the resulting photos and felt so honored to have been a part of one of the most special moments in their lives. After the proposal we all walked back to the farm house so the owners of the farm could congratulate the happy couple. Here are some of my favorites: 

Branding for Mazoo Toys

It was a wonderful experience to create the branding images for Mazoo Toys. The business' owner Mattzilla Duron invited me to his shop where he designs and makes all of his toys and collectables by hand. We staged some of the steps in his process and we were thrilled with the results. It was a joy to photograph him in his element. Please enjoy some of my favorites!

Summer Engagement Shoot

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing this happy young couple who flew up to Portland from San Francisco. Sarah and Laurie were adventurous, funny, and clearly enamored with each other. We hiked Bridal Vale Falls and spent some time at the Peninsula Park rose garden. It was a beautiful day and I love the resulting photographs. Here are some of my favorites: 

Summer Wedding

I love summer weddings. The sum is always shinning late into the evening and everyone seems to be in the mood to party. Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Brock and Candy's wedding. Here are some of my favs!


Joint Surprise Birthday Party

The cast and crew of The Lion King were in Portland performing last week, and when they asked me to photograph a surprise party for two of their members I jumped at the opportunity. It was clear that they are a very tight knit community, and they welcomed me into it with open arms. I had a blast capturing their celebration; they were all smiles and laughter. I couldn't have asked for a more fun group to photograph. Enjoy some of my favs!

Couple's Boudoir Shoot

Shooting boudoir photographs is my absolute favorite. Its a huge and enjoyable part of my business but because of the private nature of the images, I don't often get the go-ahead from my clients to share them with the world (which is 100% understandable!). Usually when I do a boudoir shoot its just me, my client, and a bottle of champagne. We experiment and have fun shooting for a few hours, and then they get to give those images to their significant other (almost all of my boudoir clients give the images to their SOs as presents). I make sure that all my clients have a fun and empowering experience, which they then later share with their SOs. This time was different though. For the first time ever I was hired to do a couple's shoot. We met several times before the shoot to talk about ideas, boundaries, and to get comfortable with one another. Usually when I do a boudoir shoot I spend the first half hour or so putting the client at ease -its scary stuff to take off your clothes in front of a camera! I was concerned that it would be doubly difficult to put two people at ease, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The chemistry between this couple was VERY palpable. They were obviously crazy about each other. It was such a great experience to not only make images that my clients loved, but that I could witness each partner reveling in the sexiness of the other in real time. It was such a pleasure to be a part of, and I hope more of my clients request a couples shoot. Please enjoy this image from the shoot. Also if you are interested in hiring me for a boudoir shoot, but would like to see more examples of my work, please email me at and I'll happily send some images your way.

_MG_4435 BW.jpg

Jocelyn and Megan's Engagement Shoot

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of traveling down to Los Angeles do an engagement shoot with Jocelyn and Megan. I love doing engagement shoots because its so easy to get swept up in all the excitement, love, and emotions that just radiate from newly engaged couples. Its absolutely electric! The happy couple chose the stunning beach at Malibu for their back drop. We went at sunset and the light was gorgeous. Check out some of my favorites!


Photoshoot for Urban Wildlife

It was such a pleasure photographing one of my favorite Portland bands; Urban Wildlife. The band came over to my place, hung out with my animals, and played a little impromptu concert just for me! Check out some of the great shots we got. Be sure to check out their latest album Ship of Winter. _J9A0059 wm_J9A0250wm_J9A0415wm_J9A0485wm_J9A0387wm_J9A0164wm_J9A3802wm_J9A1293wm_J9A3873wm





Head Shots

This week I shot some head shots for a young business woman's website/business card. Despite making her money with her business, I was convinced that she should be doing stand up comedy instead. She was such a riot and spent the two hours of our shoot cracking jokes and making faces. Here are a few of my favorites: _A7A1697_A7A1515_A7A1374

Gladys Bikes Store Shoot

After their amazing bike move, Gladys Bikes is finally up and running in their new store front on NE Alberta Street in Portland. To celebrate the owner hired me to do a shoot in the store with her and one of her business partners, Sweet Pea Bicycles. They were so much fun and it was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with them. Enjoy!


Head Shots at Sen Spa

If you are in the San Francisco area you need to do yourself a favor and book at treatment at Sen Spa in the Presidio. Sen Spa was recently named the #4 spa in THE ENTIRE COUNTRY by Time Out Magazine. I was lucky enough to shoot some head shots on the premises for some of their best massage therapists and aestheticians. The spa was beautiful, comfortable, and peaceful. Their employees had fun and relaxing energy. Check out a few of my favorites: _MG_4532_MG_5137_MG_5722 edit

Forest Park Pole Dancers

To shoot the promotional materials for their upcoming performance "Oh Alice," the dancers at Ecdysiast Studio and I went into Forest Park. The concept of this performance (happening this November at the Alberta Rose Theater) is a reimagining of "Alice in Wonderland." The dancers arrived in full costume and makeup. Each dancer channeled their character and we spent the afternoon playing around with concepts and poses. I had a blast photographing these charismatic and inspiring women. Take a look: _MG_1551





Custom Bike Picnic!

The owner of Gladys Bikes is such a treat to work with. Whenever I suggest a kind of shoot that we haven't done before, she always enthusiastically goes for it. Custom bikes are a huge part of their business (I have one of my own and I am in love with it), but designing your own bike can be really daunting if you aren't familiar with the mechanics of how bicycles work. To get around that, I suggested that we do a shoot where we isolate all the different parts of a bike that can be customized, but at the same time I wanted to stay authentic to their brand. My solution was to go to the nearest park to the store front and have ourselves a custom bike picnic! Leah (owner of Gladys Bikes) brought her favorite picnic blanket, and the results can only be described as "adorkable." See for yourselves below! _MG_1338_MG_1351_MG_1392_MG_1364_MG_1380_MG_1416_MG_1464

Design Shoot in San Francisco!

As part of my new partnership with Bolt Textiles, they flew me down to San Francisco for a few days to photograph some of their clients' homes in the Bay Area. It was such a treat to work in San Francisco! Their clients were fantastic, the homes were beautiful, and the design was a fun blend of classic and whimsical. Here is the first installment from that trip: _MG_9958_MG_9990_MG_9380_MG_9703_MG_9613_MG_9654

Truly Custom Bikes

As part of Gladys Bikes' initiative to show case their amazing and unique customers (and their custom bikes) I was hired to photograph a couple and the custom bike they share. I was impressed by Gladys Bike's ability to create a bike that functioned as specifically as this couple needed it to. The seat height needed to adjust quickly and precisely to each partner's specific height. To add to the challenge, one of the partners had a prosthetic leg which needed a custom snap-in petal. The couple picked out their own custom color, and the bike even had an adorable front rack (with cup holder!). This really is an all-purpose bike! It was such a pleasure getting to know the couple and their playful dogs. Check out some of my favorite images below! _MG_8848_MG_9008_MG_9135_MG_9227_MG_9315

Dogs and Design

I absolutely love shooting for Bolt Textiles. On our most recent shoot every house we shot had the cutest dogs. Photographing these dogs as part if the mis-en-scene was a blast. They were all so cooperative! Photos below: IMG_8192IMG_8209 copyIMG_8263IMG_8495IMG_8773IMG_8794

Student Shoot at Ecdysiast Studio

Shooting for Ecdysiast is guaranteed to not only be a blast, but also mind blowing. Its such a joy to shoot such talented dancers. This weekend I had the pleasure to shoot some of Ecdysiast's students. Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot: _MG_0823_MG_0749_MG_1086_MG_0336 copy_MG_1249